So, you wanna know about me, huh?

Well, I’m a fashion design grad in my late 20’s, living and loving in Toronto. I love all things fashion…Especially the glittery things. At the moment I have the luxury of working from home, as an Editorial Consultant for Sympatico (Celebedge specifically) but unfortunately that often means I stay in my sweats all day long. This blog is my motivation to get back to playing dress-up everyday, and putting my best foot forward. You will see plenty of my daily outfits, hair and beauty tutorials, as well as work of others that inspire me…and lots of DIY’s.

I have been known to dance like a total fool.

More? Ok, here are the basics:

My full name is Lillian Laurel J. MacLeod, but I go by Laurel.

I grew up in rural Cape Breton, NS. Port Hood to be exact. Went to Dalhousie University in Halifax and Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design in Ottawa. I moved from Halifax to Toronto in 2009.

‘Pretty Together’ was taken from the same-named Sloan album, with the band members’ approval of course. Go to www.sloanmusic.com to listen.

My professional life has allowed me to see many different sides of the fashion industry; from retail to wholesale, and modeling to styling shoots for film and television. I have also helped produce countless events and fashion shows. I have learned so much from all of these experiences, and want to share my knowledge with you.

Most of all, I want to inspire others to create a prettier world around them; whatever pretty means to them!

If you have any questions about me, or my blog, please email me at Laurel.MacLeod(at)gmail(dot)com.



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