Spring Fever

The temperature in Toronto got up to a balmy 17 degrees Celsius yesterday, and while we had a fairly mild winter, these temps are still a welcome change. Unfortunately for me though, I spent the entire day inside working, except for the few minutes I took in the evening to snap these photos. Even though I could only enjoy the weather from my windows, I celebrated the changing season by wearing as much colour as possible. I just can’t bring myself to wear my typical black and grey when it’s sunny and beautiful outside. Does anyone else immediately break out their spring wardrobe at the first signs of warmer weather? I for one will take any excuse to forgo wearing socks.

{BCBG MAXAZRIA blouse, Joe Fresh skinny jeans & belt, Seychelles heels, MacLeod of Cape Breton earrings, Michael Kors watch, Joe Fresh bangles, Vintage bracelet, Banana Republic chunky ring, Vintage gold band}


6 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Ah, Laurel… Should I really move back to NS Temp here is15 C going to 25C by Wednesday.
    Bulbs are up & in colour.
    ps; you do look beautifulllll in the pix

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