Bits of My Weekend

I have a busy day ahead of me with a dentist appointment and two meetings, but despite getting little sleep, I am excited to get a lot accomplished today. Besides, what better way to fight the Monday blues than to attack it head on? My ability to be so enthusiastic today is probably directly related to the fact that I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Friday night I took time to soak in an epsom bath and went to bed early, while Saturday was spent brunching and wandering book stores with my boyfriend and his two kids, before settling in to watch Lindsay Lohan’s comeback attempt on SNL (she wasn’t that bad). On Sunday morning I managed to sleep in for the first time in months, and then hit up one of my favorite places in Toronto: the Antique Flea Market at St Lawrence Market. Before I run off to tackle my day, here are a few photo’s of my weekend adventures.

Saturday morning manicure. Cement by Joe Fresh topped with Martha Stewart glitter in Golden Beryl

I got caught up on some light reading

How sweet is my new apple sugar dish?

A teapot sized cup of tea on Sunday Morning.

I can always count on Starbucks for new creative ways to spell my name

For the cheese lover in your life

Wandering the Antique Flea Market. My $6 scarab brooch from H&M is always a huge hit with the vendors.


Endlessly pointing out jewelry I like to my oh-so-patient boyfriend.

My one purchase; this perfectly simple gold ring. (Nails are Rose Apricot by Estee Lauder)

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