Painting Parquet

As I’ve mentioned before, my boyfriend and I have been house hunting for a while now, and although we have yet to find our dream house, I think we are getting closer. If you are familiar with the Toronto real estate market you know how hard it is to buy a house right now. There are so few quality listings at the moment, and those that are worth seeing tend to sell for 15% or more over asking price. Today we are going to have a second look at a house that I really like, but my boyfriend has some issues with. Some aspects of the house are dated, but nothing that isn’t fixable, or liveable for the time being. The main level of the house has parquet flooring throughout the living and dining room, which, while it isn’t my first choice for flooring, I don’t mind. The rest of the house has so much character and charm that I can easily see past any design flaws that I can fix later. My boyfriend however couldn’t disagree more. The word “hate” was thrown around. In an attempt to sway him, I wanted to find him a quick and stylish solution to updating the floors without ripping them up right away, and what’s easier than a coat of paint? These photos are my jumping off point for boyfriend bargaining:

Floor 1Floor 2Floor 3Floor 4Floor 5Floor 6 Floor 7 , Floor 8Floor 9 and 10

One thought on “Painting Parquet

  1. Most of these flooring are boards not parquet. The green and white floor is parquet I can see the design through the white paint, I was hoping to see more of the parquet coverups to see how they would look like. I have parquet throughout my condo and I hate (yes I will use that word LOL) them.

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