To Die (Antwoord) For

New York designer Alexander Wang has been Fashion’s ‘it-boy’ since launching his first label in 2007. His athletic-chic aesthetic quickly garnered legions of fans, including supermodels that made it their go-to off-duty look. Wang’s quick success lead to the creation of a diffusion line 2 years later called T by Alexander Wang; a collection of basics that are so much more. Quite simply, Alexander Wang makes you look cool, and all the cool people love him. For his latest ad campaign, he teamed up with the ultra cool South Afrian Rap/Hip Hop/Rave group Die Antwoord. Check out the video below. And if you’re in the market for an $80 white tank-top (it’s worth it) check out T by Alexander Wang here.


2 thoughts on “To Die (Antwoord) For

  1. While I’m certainly no prude, and definitely feel that well-placed profanity can be highly effective, this ad made me uncomfortable. Perhaps this is largely due to lack of familiarity with the artist, which means I’m probably missing the point entirely, but hearing that kind of language in an ad was jarring. I’m struggling to imagine where besides the internet such an ad could be placed. Again, probably missing the point. Brave new world, and all that, but still… is this what it all boils down to?

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